Heat Pumps

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These home HVAC systems are incredibly energy-efficient. With time-tested energy-efficient technology, highly-durable materials and spot-on manufacturing your will be more comfortable than ever during the coldest days of the year.

Heat pumps are a super-efficient and powerful alternative to traditional central air conditioning systems. These systems support comfort year-round because they function as both heating and cooling equipment. During the summer, heat pumps extract heat from your home and send it outside. Then, during the winter the heat pump functionality switches, drawing warm air back into your house.

SEER Rating: Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or the ratio of the cooling output of an AC system during a typical cooling season, divided by the energy it uses in Watt-Hours. Like miles-per-gallon in your car, the the higher the SEER Rating the more cooling comfort you get per dollar spent on energy.

Bryant 288BNV Evolution™ Variable-Speed Heat Pump

Bryant 288BNV Heat Pump

  • SEER Rating: Up to 19
  • EER Rating: Up to 12.5
  • HSPF Rating: Up to 11

Bryant 284ANV Evolution™ Extreme 24 Variable-Speed Heat Pump

Bryant 284A Heat Pump

  • SEER Rating: Up to 24
  • EER Rating: Up to 15
  • HSPF Rating: Up to 13

Bryant 280A Evolution™ Extreme Variable-Speed Heat Pump

Bryant 280A Heat Pump

  • SEER Rating: Up to 20.5
  • EER Rating: Up to 16
  • HSPF Rating: Up to 13

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